Counselling & Psychotherapy Services for Men

Christian Acuña approaches all his clients with the fundamental belief there is hope for everyone. This philosophy has led him to develop a reparative methodology based on existentialism. In this setting the client learns to discover for themselves new skills empowering them to explore deeper personal meaning and engage a healthier dialogue of their own life experiences.

“We all have our own ways of searching for meaning and a need to be understood to feel fulfilled”

The client is encouraged to acknowledge their emotions whether they be fear, despair, grief or discouragement for example. Only by first acknowledging and then “owning” the emotions can the client, with counselling assistance, understand their emotional responses in their own personal life context. In time, through a commitment to therapy, the client gains control over any destructive internal monologues that may have previously seemed insurmountable. Every client is different. For this reason any therapeutic plan will ultimately depend a great deal on the client’s own personal experiences.

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